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Unfortunately, many in the US have not had the best experience with Meringue. The dry overly preserved cookies you find in the store are bland and taste like styrofoam. YUCK!


My meringues are made using a combination of Swiss & Italian methods, making them a lovely mallowy middle & a crispy outside, and I've definitely converted some meringue haters back into meringue lovers


Minis are the perfect pop in your mouth bite whereas the larger kisses fit in the palm of your hand.

 Both can be boxed up in a beautiful gift box, used to decorate a cake, cupcakes or pie, or crumble them up to top your ice-cream or pastry cream and fruit!


 Meringues are naturally gluten free & low calorie.

Made with cage free egg whites & cane sugar - vegan food coloring - zests, herbs, teas, spices, nuts, freeze dried fruits, cocoa powder, high quality chocolates & candies and lots of love!

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