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Where can we find you? 

  • You can find our macarons inside the Crafteria at 16 Church St in Downtown Roanoke Tue-Sun 10-5

  • ​Saturday Mornings 8-12 at the Salem Farmers Market at 14 E. Main St. in Salem as well as during the summer on Tuesdays from 2-5:30

  • ​Popups will be announced on our socials so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook!

How much are your macarons?

I charge $3.50 plus local tax retail or $4 for custom orders depending on complexity of design, flavor & time. Shapes typically run $5-8 ea and cakes start at $10+.

Custom Orders are a minimum of two dozen. One flavor per two dozen. 

How much are your meringues?

Meringues are sold in dozen bags retail for $12 plus local tax.

Custom orders start at two dozen and can be made mini or standard size. One flavor per two dozen.

How far in advance should I put my order in?

I request at least a two-week window for orders under four dozen and three weeks if over. Larger events & Weddings should be booked asap!

Are your items Celiac friendly?

Unfortunately, at this time no, my kitchen is not fully Gluten-Free. I do hope to have a kitchen one day that is so that I can provide everyone with delicious macarons & meringues!


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