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Where can we find you? ​

  • ​Saturday Mornings at the Salem Farmers Market on Main Street in Salem as well as an occasional pop-up at the LEAP Grandin Farmers Market in Grandin.

  • ​Popups will be announced on our socials so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook!

How much are your macarons?

I charge $3.50 plus local tax retail or $4 for custom orders depending on complexity of design, flavor & time. Shapes typically run $5-8 ea and macaron cakes start at $10+. We also have the option of minis which are great for bite-sized sweets at your special event. Those start at $2.50+Tax ea.

Custom Orders are a minimum of Two dozen. One flavor per two dozen. 

How much are your meringues?

Meringues are sold in dozen bags retail for $12 plus local tax.

Custom orders start at Two dozen and can be made mini or standard size. One flavor per two dozen.

How much are your cake pops?

We retail our cake pops at $3+Tax for our classic rounds and $4+Tax for our shapes. Anything custom starts at $3 and can go up depending on complexity of design/shape. There is a one dozen minimum on rounds and two dozen on shapes.

How far in advance should I put my order in?

I request at least a two-week window for orders under four dozen and three weeks if over. Larger events & Weddings should be booked asap!

Are your items Celiac friendly?

Unfortunately, at this time no, my kitchen is not fully Gluten-Free. If you are gluten intolerant, I am a meticulous clean freak and can ensure very little cross contamination however I cannot guarantee it. 

Do you make anything vegan?

Yes, all my items can be made vegan/dairy free.


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