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Hi, I'm Leslie, the artisan baker at Petals & Sugar. My culinary journey began early, experimenting with home baking before honing my craft in the world of cake pops during my tenure at The Lollicake Queen in Sarasota, Florida. After a hiatus dedicated to being a mom and raising a family, I summoned the courage to embark on my own baking venture.

Over the years, I expanded my repertoire, delving into the art of macarons, which quickly became a personal favorite. My determination to perfect the art of macaron-making intensified during the challenging days of the Covid Pandemic. In 2022, my family and I made the decision to relocate back to Roanoke, Virginia, and that's when Petals & Sugar resumed its delightful journey.

With a renewed focus, I decided to specialize in what I am most passionate about and excel in - crafting delectable cake pops, enchanting macarons, and exquisite meringue treats. My unwavering commitment is to create confections that not only look breathtaking but also taste divine.

My ultimate satisfaction lies in witnessing the joy on the faces of satisfied customers. It's this very happiness that fuels my passion for what I do. I am honored to contribute to making your special events and celebrations a touch sweeter and infinitely more memorable.

Leslie Doerfler

Leslie - Owner and Baker at Petals & Sugar Bakery in Roanoke, Virginia
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