Petals & Sugar is a boutique bakery specializing in Vegan, Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Desserts.
Inspired by natural beauty and the creativity I saw coming out of Europe I worked to hone my skills in creating unique, beautiful and flavorful desserts that both look & taste beautiful!
Baker Leslie
Sugar lover since a child I've always loved both eating and making confections, whether its candy or baked goods.  Over the years I baked for those I love, for my children's school functions, the company bake sales and eventually baking competitions. I truly love the combination of sweets with a touch of floral essence & so Petals & Sugar was born. And in 2016 I took the leap to start P&S at local markets & then eventually catering special events.

Over the years I've learned the art of gluten-free & vegan baking, and recently the use of sugar alternatives for those watching their sugar intake. Customers are always amazed that my sweets are not your standard glutinous sugary treats and I dig that!

Sweetly,   Leslie